An Atlas to…

…Sacred places, ghost towns, historical gems, haunted houses, strange places of worship and pilgrimage, little explored archaeological sites, weird fairs, hedonistic festivals/parties, misterious alleys, corn mazes, anti-gravity hills, will-o’the wisp apparitions, weird laboratories, abandoned facilities, ancient trees, cave paintings, tourist traps, gorgeous ruins, narrow catacombs, unusual buildings, places featuring legends, cradles of myths, curious museums and statues, rare shops/markets, absurd theme-parks, witch markets, old-fashioned cemeteries, odd monumentalia, forgotten cities, miniature/pocket parks, edible gardens, anacronisms, lost graffiti, unique artistic interventions, creepy tunnels and subways…

…All these famous, almost famous and infamous places taken as cultural lampposts illuminating the supra-natura of our civilization.

Lists / Categories


Politics & Corruption


Politics & Corruption: Heritage Destruction, Drug&Tax Paradises, Hideous Monuments, Famous/Politized Situations and Crimes Scenes, State Terrorism Scenarios, Cartel/Narco Landmarks and more sad/frustrating/involuntary Politic Shamelessness


Sacred Places


Sacred Places: Misterious Ashrams, Ceremonial Places, Mythical Spaces, Revered Statues, Unusual Cults Headquarters, Legendary/Abandoned/Holy Cities, Consecrated Areas, Sacral Natural Landscapes and Craddles Of Legends, Myths, and Heroes.



Historical Gems


Historical Gems: First-Places-Ever in ‘something’, Torture/Murder Castles, Glorious Tombs and Mausoleos, Old Memorials for Heroes, Ghostly Haciendas, Exquisite Cemeteries, Recondite Archeological Sites, Gorgeous Ruins, Ghost Towns, Inmense-Religious-Value Venues, Geological and Paleontological Delicacies, War Memorabilia, Referential Monuments… and a lot of heroes, villains, saints, demons, shame, pride, winners and victims.



Tourist Traps


Tourist Traps: Gravity hills, Roadside Attractions, Unusual on-the-Road shops, Energetic Spots, Cursed Cabins, Legendary Motels, Creepy Casinos and Strip Clubs, Focos Tonales, Saturated Theme Parks, Weird Vending Machines, Drive-Thru Curiosities, Lost Mazes, Roadtrip-Unexpected Findings, Rock Formations, Allegedly Haunted Houses and more places full of noisy people with crying and yelling children expecting to be amaze.



Labs & Facilities


Labs & Facilities: Subatomic Particles Colliders, Cosmic-Rays Laboratories, Experimental Architecture Research Centers, Sensorial Deprivation Chambers, Deadly Solar Plants, Parapsychology Labs, Spooky Mental Institutions, Extraterrestrial-Life Searcher Observatory, Haunted Hospitals, Fringe/Alternative/New Agey Institutes, Nuclear Disasters Spots, Natural History Museums, Mavericks of the Mind’s Headquarters, Orwellian Surveillance Bunkers, Death Ray Devices, Anti-Gravity Gadgets, Far Out Experiments Locations, and more adventurous places of the science, pseudoscience and general Human Curiosity and Explorations.



Mexico and The Death


Mexico and The Death: The historical and intimate relationship between an intoxicating country and the archetypal ‘end-of-existence symbol’ through: Narco Saints, Daily Memento Mori, Sanctified Skeletons, Mexican-Folk Songs testifying that ‘Life’s Worth Nothing’, Murderer Beggars, Narco-Culture-Saturated Towns, Impressive Cemeteries, Satanic Rituals Locations, Human Sacrifices Temples, Risen Deads, Violent Cults/Scams, Blood-thirsty Aztec Gods, Saints Relics, Striking Corposantos, Decapited Heads at Wax Museums, Embalmed Bodies as Mannequins, Funerary Art Exhibitions, Dozens of Mummies Museums, Medical Parafernalia Collections, Possessed Murderer Mommies, Mephistophel-ish Serial Killers, and lots and lots of Ghosts Apparitions. Mexico always let you know that Death is the only certainty in Life.




Chihuahua State


Chihuahua, the Land of Pancho Villa and Raramuri People has to offer: La Pascualita, The highest Waterfall in Mexico, Petrified Monks, Frogs, Elephants and a Venerated Rock Phallus, Houses on Cliffs, and The Biggest Canyon in America surrounded by fragrant pine forests, also amazing Dunes and Archeological sites.



Odd Monumentalia


Odd Monumentalia: Natural-size mourners Sculptures, Monuments to Mutants, Mechanical Waste Utopias, Anatomical Hyper-Realistic Statues, Enormous Santa Muerte Efigie, Taxidermy Fails, Historical Tombs & Cemeteries, Shameless Imitations, Architectural Memorials, Guru’s Marble Figures, Bronze-Inmortalized Heroes, Simple Weird Statues and other magnificences and eyesores from our daily urban landscapes.



Pop Culture Blizzards


Pop Culture Blizzards: Famous Crime Scenes, World-famous Viral Events, Movies and Video Clips Locations, Monsters Findings Venues, Conspiracy Theories Matrix, Avoid-at-all-cost tourist spots, Sanctuaries for the Morbid Press, Scary Metro Stations, Urban Legends turned Real Events, and more places and people which fascinated us all and then were easily forgotten.



Uncanny Natural Landscapes


Uncanny Natural Landscapes: Spider Web & Spherical Rocks Forests, Monumental Waterfalls, Dendritic River Deltas, Out-of-this-World Craters, ‘Martian Landscapes’, Oceanic and Infernal Abysms, Bioluminescent Lagoons, Amazing Rock Formations, Exuberant Wetlands, Fossil Reserves, Extraordinary Islands, Hallucinatory Oasis, Biosphere Reserves, Mind-Bending Hills, Unreal Deserts and bunches of more Beyond-Belief Nature Manifestations.





A list featuring general and plain bullshit like: Men-riding-Dinosaurs Prehistoric Figurines, All kind of Paranormal Phenomena, Vampires on the Loose, Sea & Lake Monsters, Damned/Cursed Cabins, Inexplicable Accidents, Sudden Disappearances Locations, Demonic Apparitions Spots, Will’o the Whisps Phenomena, Spontaneous Teleportations, Historical Charlatans, Tabloid Hysteria, Internet Guerrilla, Time Travel and Goblins Evidence, Looter Cults, Conspiracy Theories debunked… All these themes, places and more pseudoscience products contained in a couple of huge quotation marks.



Folk Saints


A colorful band of Folk Saints including San Pascualito Rey aka Calaquita Santa, a Manikin Venerated by Spinsters known as La Pascualita, A Baby Jesus who lived inside a Peanut, A Black Christ that absorbs Poison and Disease, A Holy Boy who milks Gas Pipes, Our Bony White Girl, Virgins that Weep Blood, Out-of-law Saint Expedito, Generous and Sanctified Narco Heroes, Enlightened Madmen, Great Sages… Veneration, Devotion, Miracles and Faith…



Outlandish Houses & Buildings


Outlandish Houses and Buildings like: Plastic-Bottle-Floating Island, Crooked House, Bubble Hotel Rooms, Mathematical-Constructed Research Center, Giant Pyramids, Sphere-like Museum Exhibition Rooms, Dark Mental Institutions, A House made of Dirt and Garbage, Tatooine-like apartments, Sunken Churches, Houses & Churches built on Cliffs, a House with an Egg on the roof, Flooded Dwellings for Dolphins, Particles Colliders, Cults Headquarters, Cartoon-like Buildings and more Hyper Modern and Failed Architecture (simultaneously or served separated).




Guanajuato State


Guanajuato State, a land where “Life’s Worth Nothing”… and also has: Labyrinthine Catacombs, Torture Apparatus Exhibitions, A Bunch of Mummies Museums, Martyrdom Reflected on Corposantos, Abandoned Mines, Ghostly-dilapidated Haciendas, National Heroes Beheaded, Demonic and Phantasmagoric Apparitions, Gravity Hills, Pseudo-Tzompantli, Sci-Fi Scenarios, Craters Lined to Constellations, Lake Monsters, Archeological Sites, Paleolithic Megaliths, Giant Cactacea, Mesoamerican Dinosaurs Figurines, Satanic Panics, Ancient Cave Paintings, Uncle Buffalo Cabin, and other not-really famous, but intensely interesting places, in the land that started the battle for the freedom of this uncanny country: Mexico.





Portions of land surrounded by water, isolated landmarks attesting and being: Ceremonial Centers, Mythical Landscapes, Plastic Engineered Island, Garbage Continent, Sacred Shrines, Sea Monsters Arrivals, Atoll & Abysm, Out of this World Fauna and Flora, Isolated Prisons and more tropical curiosities.


Archeological Sites

Ramiro Valencia

Archeological Sites from Mexico and around the World: 10,500 years old American paleo, Digitalized Pyramids, The Largest Mesoamerican City, The Tallest Pyramid in the World and also The Oldest Pyramid featured, Fossil Reserve, Cliff Dwellings, Miniature Archeological Exhibition, the Oldest known construction by Humanity, The City Home of Gilgamesh, Cave Paintings and more Mythical Findings.




Haunted..!! Satanic Cult Sede Motel, Historical Housing Complex, Damned Crime Scenes, Booby-trapped Hotel, Misterious Disappearances, Hellish Prisons, Cursed Cabins, Houses, Alleys, Hospitals, Streets and Funeral Homes; etc…




Waterfalls from Mexico and the world: El Chiflón, El Chuveje, Eyipantla, Tamul, Piedra Bolada, Basaseachic, and many more


Mythical Places


A collection of places where myths were born like: Noah, Wirikuta, Avalokiteśvara, Tutankhamen, Aztlan, Miraculous and Heroic events, Oracles, Temples, Gods, Sages, Apparitions and More.


Abandoned Places

EPSON DSC picture

Long time forgotten places, abandoned with or without reason: Nuclear disaster points, Lost Cities, Vestiges of Ancient civilizations, Crimes Scenes, Misterious Lakes, Damned Houses, Ghost Towns, Ruins, and more dilapitated architecture and  facilities.  



Art Installation 



Art has no Rules!



…..recóndito, recóndita

Spanish – Español

Que está muy escondido, reservado y oculto.

That is very hidden and reserved. Occult.



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Atlas Obscura, an internet wonder and multi-dimensional website is a great inspiration for RECÓNDITO, I am actually collaborating with Atlas Obscura with my photos and texts, I’m quite pleased for those contributions. RECÓNDITO was born as an atlas/guide initiative for the explorer visiting Mexico, a haunting, amazing, intense, uncanny and unreal country, and from there RECÓNDITO resonates weird vibes into the World and the Cosmos.

Edgar Medina, myself, as RECÓNDITO’s explorer/scouter, photographer, reporter and editor.

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